Monday, February 26, 2007

Lazy, overwhelmed, and busy...

Well first there was this piece of news. This is the second time this has been "announced in the last 2 months. Although local commanders are still calling it "rumor".

Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman, said Thursday that no such deployments have been proposed to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but other officials have said the planning includes the possibility of tapping Guard units from Arkansas, Indiana and other states.

Well our family was expecting it, and counting on it, that is what my DH does, but I wish they would just tell us already. Because the "rumors" from the Pentagon, seem like they are too frequent to be rumors.

Just tell us, we are "big folks", we can deal with it. It is what my Husband does for a job, just give us consideration of not hearing it on National news AGAIN.....

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Monica said...

Praying for you and your family. You DO deserve the respect of not hearing it on tv first.

Just please know that there are a lot of us who care about you and your husband and the rest of our troops.