Monday, July 17, 2006

The War Tapes

I was over at Soldier's Angels New York this morning, and found this great list of where the War Tapes will be showing.

ARLINGTON, MA (Capitol Theatre)
ARLINGTON, VA (AMC Loews Shirlington 7)
BERKLEY, CA (Landmark Shattuck Cinemas
CAMBRIDGE, MA (Kendall Square Cinema)
CHICAGO, IL (The Music Box Theatre)
CONCORD, NH (Regal (Hoyts) Concord 10)
HUNTINGTON, NY (Cinema Arts Centre)
KEENE, NH (Colonial Theatre)
MANCHESTER, NH (Regal Cinemas 9)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (The Castro Theatre)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Balboa Theater)
SAN JOSE, CA (Camera 12)
SAN RAFAEL, CA (Rafael Film Center)
WASHINGTON, DC (E Street Cinema)
WILKES-BARRE, PA (R/C Wilkes-Barre Movies 14)
WILTON, NH (Town Hall Cinema)
WEST NEWTON, MA (West Newton Cinema)


07/21 – NORTHAMPTON, MA (Academy of Music Theatre)
07/28 – BALTIMORE, MD (The Charles Theatre)
07/28 – KILLEEN, TX (Killeen Hollywood Stadium 14)
07/28 – PITTSFIELD, MA (Little Cinema at The Berkshire Museum)
07/28 – SACRAMENTO, CA (The Crest Theatre)
07/28 – SANTA ROSA, CA (Rialto Cinemas Lakeside)
08/03 – LAKE WORTH, FL (Stage West)
08/04 – BUFFALO, NY (Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre)
08/04 – FT. LAUDERDALE, FL (Cinema Paradiso)
08/04 – LINCOLN, NE (Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center)
08/04 – NASHVILLE, TN (Belcourt Theatre)
08/04 – WILMINGTON, DE (Theatre N at Nemours)
08/07 – ALBUQUERQUE, NM (Guild Cinema)
08/11 – BURLINGTON, VT (The Roxy)
08/11 – CLEVLAND, OH (Cedar Lee Theatre)
08/11 – COLUMBUS, OH (The Drexel Gateway Theater)
08/11 – PITTSBURGH, PA (Regent Square Theater)
08/11 – STAMFORD, CT (Avon Theatre)
08/11 – TUCSON, AZ (The Loft Cinema)
08/18 – COLUMBUS, GA (Carmike 15)
08/18 – DALLAS, TX (Landmark Magnolia)
08/18 – FAYETTEVILLE, NC (Carmike Market Fair 15)
08/18 – FT. BENNING, GA (Carmike Wynnsong 10)
08/18 – HARTFORD, CT (Real Art Ways)
08/18 – ITHICA, NY (Fall Creek Pictures)
08/18 – JACKSONVILLE, NC (Carmike 16)
08/25 – BETHLEHEM, NH (The Colonial Theatre)
08/25 – COLORODO SPRINGS, CO (Carmike 10)
08/25 – LAWTON, OK (Carmike 8)
08/25 – PHILADELPHIA, PA (Ritz Five)
08/25 – VORHEES, NJ (Ritz Sixteen)
08/27 – OJAI, CA (Playhouse Theatre)
08/27 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Red Vic Movie House)
09/01 – ATLANTA, GA (Landmark Midtown Art Cinema)
09/01 – DENVER, CO (Starz FilmCenter)
09/01 – MADISON, WI (Orpheum Theatre)
09/01 – PORTLAND, ME (The Movies on Exchange)
09/05 – COLUMBIA, MO (Ragtag Cinema)
09/06 – SPRINGFIELD, MO (The Moxie Cinema)
09/08 – AUSTIN, TX (Landmark Dobie Cinemas)
09/08 – HOUSTON, TX (Landmark River Oaks Theatre)
09/15 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Landmark Lagoon Cinemas)
09/15 – ROCHESTER, NY (The Little Theatre)
09/22 – DETROIT, MI (Detroit Institute of Art)
09/22 – FLINT, MI (National Amusements Cinema 10)
09/23 – NOTRE DAME, IN (The Michael Browning Family Cinema)
09/29 – PORTLAND, OR (Hollywood Theatre)
10/13 – W. LOS ANGELES, CA (Landmark Nuart)
10/20 – BRUNSWICK, ME (Eveningstar Cinema)
10/20 – SEATTLE, WA (Landmark Varsity Theatre)
11/20 – SANTA BARBARA, CA (UCSB Campbell Hall)

Damn, I must push a little harder to get this movie here. Everyone that has seen it, has left impressed. Most people I know are right leaning, but do offer that this film is apolitical. They left with a feeling that it is a human story, and not a political one.

I met Deb Scranton at the mil-blogging conference. We talked briefly.

I did get to meet Specialist Moriarty. We had a drink, and he told me a bit about his wife, and her experiance back home. She too got to film her life.

From The War Tapes site, there is this from Mike.

On September 11th 2001 I was a changed man. I packed a bag and took a bus from Concord NH a week later to NYC. I had a pass and witnessed with my own 2 eyes the still burning nightmare and the smell of horror. I felt the 6 inch deep silt with my hands and read all the photo copies littered all over the place and posted on anything that was standing of missing loved ones.

This I will NOT EVER forget. I appreciate my parents. I appreciate my health. I appreciate what I do have.
I appreciate every single soldier who has done what I'm about to do. I hope to relieve a soldier who can go home and enjoy life with his wife and children. Whoever he will be, he is my hero.

I will write again soon,

Mike Moriarty

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