Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

It occurred to me this morning while DH was making cheese omelettes, that this is a first for us. This is the first Independence Day we have all been together. Wow.

We have the luxury of one anothers company this year.

No big plans.

Both Pink Ninja and Dash have summer colds, which mainly consist of runny noses and tired little bodies, which has made them a bit "cranky".

We managed a trip to the park this morning, and it was hotter then Hades, air filled with dragonflies, and a symphony of catydids, cicadas, locusts, a frog or two, and a woodpecker to keep us company. Heat, humidit, and no breeze. Oh, I take that back, there was a 30 second breeze, that caused DH and I to sighhhh and smile, and then it was gone.

We did stop at a striped tent to pick up a small assortment of fireworks for later tonight.

A trip to the local video store (99 cent kids movies all summer) after "the collective" complained, that "it is too hot to have fun at this park."

So now the sleeping bags are in a line and Home on The Range is playing.

The town parade starts at 4:00pm sharp.

It has been a quiet day here, and I am glad we are together.

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