Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So I have made no secret that I have felt under the weather. There were female issues, some pain issues, blah blah ad naseum.

Colonoscopy clear, breath in.......and out.

I must take a moment here to thank whomever developed the "pills" to take instead of the old drink a gallon or two of horrid tasting crap. The pills, (although they are as big as a cell phone) were easy.

Also, the inventor of television. I am not a huge fan of the television, but it has done a great job of entertaining me, and the children. Particulary with the 100 plus degree temperatures, and me on medicine in which I cannot be in the sun.

IPOD......it was so nice drifting off to Love and Rockets, and waking to David Bowie after the procedure today.

Only one more Drs. visit this week, and then I should have enough diagnostics to prove I am certifiable, or there is a female issue....so I will remain absorbed in well myself. Selfish, worried and preoccupied.

The other take lemons and make lemonade news. "scars with the laperoscopy". I made it this far through my life with one visible scar on my face, and now there will be scars on my marsupial pouch. It will provide a great understandable excuse for never wearing a bikini again.

Oh and to those of you who have had the procedure, and for your insight and warnings, I thank you.

Oh and the prayer thing, keep them coming.....I am sure it is nothing.

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