Friday, July 07, 2006

Cage Fighter

Pink Ninja and Dash have summer colds.

This has led to Pink Ninja complaining of left ear pain. So yesterday amidst the rash of appointments. I had to take her to the pediatricain.

They tried to irrigate her left ear. (She has small eustachian tubes, and a cerumen problem).

Prior to irrigating her ear, they weighed Pink Ninja. "29" pounds, at 2 1/2. She is very spider like, all legs and arms.

I had the lovely duty of holding her while they irrigated her ear.

She is a great fighter. I would put my money on her in any fight.

Sha manged to wiggle herself out of all of my holds, while pinching the nurse that was irrigating her ear. She was tricky and sneaky. The crocodile tears, and sorrowful crying also played a part in the Nurse and Dr. giving up. We have to go to the ENT today.

The staff was left feeling so guilty, they apologized endlessly to PinkNinja. I am telling you, this little one can work people.

YOu have been warned.

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