Friday, July 14, 2006

Sticky is as sticky does...

I woke this morning to find my tile floor in the kitchen smattered with orange juice. Dash, hates orange juice. So, I look over at Pink ninja. It seems as though in her 2 1/2 year old brilliance, that there is no way better to celebrate her love of orange juice then to pour it over her own head.

AWTM: "What is all over your head?"

Pink Ninja: "Nubbing"

AWTM: "Why did you pour orange juice all over your head?"

Pink Ninja: *non descript whine*

AWTM: "You are going to need a shower."

Pink Ninja: "NOOOO!!"

AWTM: "A bath?"

Pink Niinja: "NOOOOOOO!"

AWTM: "You can take your pirate ship"

PinkNinja: "o'tay"

*OK, and now here is an incident later in the day, of equal grossness factor*

Pink Ninja: "I love you...put all of these bawaettes in my hawah"

AWTM: "OK, come over here."

Pink Ninja: *SMILING coyly*

AWTM: "these barrettes, are all wet, did you lick them?"

Pink Ninja: "yes."

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Anonymous said...

I hope your birthday was a little less sticky. :)