Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Like a visit to the gynolcologist is not humiliating enough, or Things you do not want to hear on the day before turning 36.

*The following contains language not suitable for younger readers*

Fade In: 106 degree, balmy day in the midsouth. A Mother and her two small children enter the waiting area of a second floor gynocological center. The children, are running loose, trying to get away with climbing on furniture. The Mom opens her library book.

Pregnant woman to her left: (smiling brightly) "You, look GREAT pregnant."

Mother of Two: (expressionless) "I am not pregnant."

Pregnant woman to her left: "Oh, well, I thought, since you (stammerring and blushing) were uh here, and uh, oh your kids are adorable."

Mother of Two: (In her head) Fuck you bi-och.

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