Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I have returned from the Vagina whisperer,

or whatever you want to call her.

Let me start his by saying, if I never have to take my children with me to the gynocologist, I will be happy.

The children would not stay away from the foot of the table, and The Vagina Whisperer really did try to protect my "privacy", but really. I kept seeing there heads poke up and around at me. Disturbing really. Probably more for them than I. That is another story, and I am sure I will be in therapy with one or the other in 15 years for it. Any bribe, or candy, or reward was no where as interesting as a 500 watt light, and medical instruments, and "the show"....Yeah I know.

So the kids got a show, made comments. Yes, they made comments. Oh, and I think I will keep those to myself. The four laughs I would get, are not worth, the centimeter of my dignity that is left.

I tried to be "cool" and educate them, about vaginas, womens health, and the need for a yearly exam.

The results of the pelvic exam, well, it looks like I am an issue with either a uterine fibroid or ovarian cysyt. I do have an appointment with a radiology office in the monrning to determine exactly what the problem is. I also had 2 cervical polyps removed (benign in appearence, and yes they are being sent to the path lab). They also have me seeing a gastroenterologist within the next couple of weeks, for a colonscopy. (Based on family history, etc.)

One step at a time. I assure you nothing to worry about.

So guess what folks....I am here all week, try the veal.

I will not be posting photos of the colonscopy.

All is well, the "collective", will tell you I am normal.

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