Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Seeing Red Or the mystery of the red tounge solved.

*Photo* Dash at the kitchen table this morning, playing with a garlic press and play doh.

I woke this morning to find my four year old Dash's tounge red. A good Mother would have had a normal proces like illness, etc. Not me, I immediately started looking for what he could have consumed that would turn his tounge red. I then note his finger tips are also red.

It seems as though Child Protective Services ought to come investigate me. Because Dash was so starved, he had eaten a box of dry strawberry jello. Damn. Ick.

Now it was while Pink Ninja and I were still sleeping. Also gone...the rest of "my" double chocolate milano cookies my Mother in law had sent me in my birthday spa package.

So I am sitting here this morning, wondering if I should start a coffee IV on myself. I am sure the red dye and sugar will cause some sort of olympic track speed records.

Looks like I better put on my tennis shoes folks.

*note* I fed my family a well rounded and nutritious meal last evening.

*also note* my niece in Nebraska, did this same thing just last week.

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