Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Antique Rode Show

Today is That One Guys Birthday. Now, I have met That One Guy on a few occassions. He has played air hockey with Dash, he has even eaten meatloaf with Dear Husband and I. He is like a Brother. A Brother I can never find. It seems as if he has take his one man show on the road. A sort of Jack Keruac, trying to find ones self, mid life crises year of sorts. If the guy had a dollar for every blogger he has met, he could buy a case of REALLY good beer.

When I first met That One Guy, I was a little nervous, I mean he is a biker, and you know what they say about bikers.

*Photographic Evidence that That One Guy really has a bike*

The second time I met That One Guy, he asked if it was ok to bring "company", and while I anticipated something off of the pages of Easy Riders, he brought Marge with him.

*That One Guys "lady friend" Marge (don't let the bike frighten you, she was a doll and even brought potato salad, and pie)

So, wherever you are, be safe. Tell Marge "hey", and I will leave the light on.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Wow, you definitely exposed a different side of Joe. A softer, sweeter, complex biker guy side. And here I thought I was the only one.

Thanks for the laughter!

Richmond said...

Love it. Marge is too funny!! :)

Anonymous said...

Since I have met T1G this is hilarious!!!!