Sunday, July 16, 2006

Letter from Pink Ninja training Camp #802

*the following is a written account of events explained by Pink Nijna*

Readers of Moms blog,

This is a letter of rebuttal I suppose.

"Barrel of Monkey"? I am insulted.

Look at the photo again.

The photo was taken last weekend here at Casa De Dust. Mom, thought "washing Dads vehicle" sounded like a "great and fun cooling activity". (*Note: I am in the rake leaf barrel*)

Yeah, I am not buying into it. Washing vehicle = Fun. Ha! Who does this woman think she is fooling? Well, she fooled Dash.

He loves "washing vehicles". Look at him, he was loving it.

Ick. Not me, what is sooo fun about that, particularly when no money exchanged hands. (*note to self, must contact department of labor, re: violation of child labor laws*)

Go ahead Mom, take photos, and call me a barrel of monkey, but you and Dash spent 3 hours washing the vehicle....And now I have proof.

Who's laughing now?

Pink Ninja

P.S: I will not contact department of labor, if a doll house, and new clickety shoes exchange hands . You have until August 1st.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you, Pink Ninja. I've never found washing cars all that much fun.