Saturday, July 22, 2006

Move over Mega Blocks...

The charm has worn off..bring on the legos. Yes LEGOS, tiny tiny pieces of lego all over my house.

Dash has mastered almsot every building medium we currently have at the house. We are ready for the LEGOS.


Unknown said...

Ah Lego - my sons loved Lego and now my daughter does. There's been Lego around my home for about 15 years now, I think we got the first bucket when the eldest was 2. The bugger was keeping it away from his brother until he was old enough because he was only 22 months younger. Enjoy the MANY MANY MANY hours you will spend cleaning it up. :)

Anonymous said...

I see he now plays with Mega sized blocks. The good thing is that they now have different sizes and kits so that they can still build wonderful castles and forts and they don't have to use tiny little ones. They have excellent medium sized one for his age group. Confession: I love to play with them too.

And btw, the rule in our house is that if he doesn't put away the legos after he's done playing, he doesn't get to play with them for a week. I've never had to pick up legos except when I play too.

Great fun they are. & my sonloves to also set up tunnel and bridge things as yours do.