Sunday, July 30, 2006

As Good as Used...

I would like to tell all yawl I am as good as new. I am not. I am about 80%. The other 20% is just tired, an a little foggy yet.

The procedure went fine. My incisions are small, one of them appears healed already. The other incision is around my navel, and I cannot thank the Dr. Enough for doing a bit of "reconstructive surgery" to my poor navel....I will wait with the thank you until I am healed.

I woke up rolling down the hall from surgery. They turned a corner,and wham I was awake. Oh, and in typical fashion I found a person next to me that was equally as chatty. The nurses were in awe, that the two of us were yammering away. I suppose I understand this. Usually people are slow to come out, not groggy, kinda grouchy. I do recall working in recovery, and saying "wake up, wake up" about a million times. Only to have people wake up and puke all over the place.

I was relieved to hear all looked well. Some excess tissue in my uterus. The samples are at a pathology lab, but looked fine. I was also informed that there is little room for error in the abdomen. There just isn't room for extra anything. That excess tissue, could have been causing the "female issues". The cyst probably was the culprit causing the pain. Anyway, that is good to know. Because we were worried, very worried, due to family history. So I felt pretty good Friday. Yesterday, Saturday was rough. I am unsure if it was the narcotics, or the anesthesia, the CO2 they pumped into me, but I spent yesterday with ice on my head, and a bucket by the bed. I had a terrible headache and nausea. The kind of headache, where if you move your eyes, you feel like you will die. I even took 2 imitrix, they did not touch the thing. ick.....I felt better last night.

I have been resting. It seems like the afternoons and evenings were better for me. The sleep I have been getting ahhhhhh. Can I tell you, I had created an island in our bedroom. I had put movies in, and brought a book. I was ready to relax. Heck I couldn't stay awake for the life of me. I would read a page, and would doze off into neverland. I would wake up and start watching a movie, and poof wake up 2 hours later, only to see something entirely different on TV. Crazy crazy. I do not think I have slept so much in my lifetime.

Oh, and I was up and about. I unloaded the wash machine, did a couple loads of wash, I even cooked a bit of dinner. DH did a great job of keeping the kids away from me. They like to hang and paw on me. DH knew I was not in the mood. DH also emptied my puke buckets, brought ice packs, phone, and orange push ups to me. He missed a couple of days work, which we had not figured on. Usually I am hard core. However between the infection, and 2 procedures, and the dehydrating effects of the laxatives, he knew I was not full speed. I owe him one.

So I am feeling better, I am hoping this does the trick for a while. I miss feeling energetic, and running with the collective, I miss yoga...

So for all of the prayers, advice, and well wishes I thank you!!

DH, for all of your help...Thank you-thank you-thank you. I love you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling perkier. :)