Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weather Wussifacation

The weather man tells me 51 degrees today. Brrr.... I spoke with my Sister in Nebraska this morning, and she told me it was 16 degrees, with wind. Which leaves the folks back home, feeling like it is 2 degrees. ICk... I do not miss freezing my ass off all winter. I miss wearing my wool coat, cashmere scarf, and leather gloves with fur at the cuffs (very Emma Peel). 2 degrees though, that is weather to die in. I do not miss scraping windshields, and that pain you get in your skull from inhaling such cold air. I do not miss the cold weather echoes you hear on the plains.

My blood has been thinning, and the gradual process of becoming a "cold weather wuss", is almost complete. I will never be able to return to the Midwest with my head held high. In fact, I will never be able to return to the Midwest in winter again. A Midwestern winter may kill me.

When I was a child and we were thrown out of the house on a Saturday to mountains of snow, I do not remember feeling cold ever. I remember when gloves and mittens were simply impediments to fort building, snowball making. Whenever, the neighborhood kids got together, the mittens made from yarn, ended up in a wet frozen pile. Mothers from down the street would pop they're heads out of front doors with frozen white puffs following the screamed phrase "GET YOUR MITTENS ON", about every 30 minutes.

I do not recall being cold once as a child.

I sit here in my warm kitchen, drinking hot coffee, in pajamas and a robe, and slippers and am cold just thinking about it.

I need to get these kids out of the house today, but a high of 51? Brrrr.....tooooo cold.

My folks back home are hanging they're heads in shame.

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