Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pay it Forward

Pass this one around guys!

Army Times is looking for heroes. Not the types who make headlines for combat exploits, but rather the quiet, everyday heroes whose dedication, professionalism and concern for their fellow soldiers and community set a standard for us all.

They are unsung heroes who lead by example — giving their time, sharing their knowledge and inspiring others — without drawing much attention to themselves.

Through April 7, we are accepting nominations for the sixth annual award. The only way someone is nominated is by our readers.

To nominate someone, send us:
• Your name, address, commercial phone number and e-mail address.
• The name, address and commercial phone number of your nominee and his/her unit commander.
• An explanation of why your nominee deserves this award in 300 words of less.
• Names and contact information for three people who can verify nominee’s achievements that took place in 2005.
You can submit nominations in one of four ways:
• Online at www.armytimes.com/soldier.
• By e-mail.
• By fax to Army Times Soldier of the Year Award at 703-642-7325.
• By mail to Army Times Soldier of the Year Award, 6883 Commercial Dr., Springfield, VA 22159.
The awards presentation will take play July 13 on Capitol Hill in Washington.

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