Friday, February 24, 2006

Say Cheese

This photo is almost 2 years old, and it really is representative of most photos in "our personal collection". One of "The Collective" standing, screaming, eyes closed, or pulling the others hair.

So today, I have the good fortune of being in charge of portraits. I can hear all of my favorite Mothers moaning in despair.

The Spring ensembles have been chosen, down to the socks and shoes. Color theme, is baby blue. Basic theme of portraits is "smiling, we are sweet".

I scrubbed the children to a shiny pink last night, and washed the blonde hairs for the occasion.

This morning, I am taking my chances with pancakes and maple syrup. Nothing says portrait, like hair standing straight on end, with the aid of maple syrup.

So wish me luck. Getting them ready for this occasion is one thing, getting out of the photographers studio with "actual" photos is another.....

May God have mercy on my soul.......

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