Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tis The Season....or (I am so phucked)

For Self deprecation and Loathing...

Great, my Blog Mom Tammi, reminds me it is "that time" of the year.

Yes it is the season of "perversion" for the red blooded males on the planet. The Sports Illustrated magazines have start to arriving on the doorsteps of millions of homes all over America. All other publications have followed, and it seems EVERYONE has a swimsuit edition these days.

So it is time to crawl out of my hibernation, with my pasty skin, and familiar cellulite, and go out into the wild. Into that bright, vast jungle of dressing rooms all over town. Complete with terrors that are sure to frighten any self respecting to be 36 year old Mothers of 2. There is the 360 degree mirror, which on its own has given me nightmares, and on occasion has brought me to tears, oh and lets not forget--the first year after the first baby, the damn mirror drove me over the edge. No swimsuit that year, only a chocolate binge and a Husband with the number of a great "nervous hospital". These dressing rooms, add insult to injury by making available to me the most fantastic, antiquated fluorescent lighting available in the free World. Ahhhhhhhh.....Nudity under fluorescent lights, it is almost apocalyptic.

In case I do not remember the horrors adequately, I will read this post, from last year to remind myself.....

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