Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentines Gift Suggestion #2

There is also the gift of traditional flowers, always a nice impractical gift. I always enjoy flowers, although they are not a favorite unless Dear Husband cannot be here for a special occasion. I like flowers as a surprise gesture. Most women do.

However, I know some of you will buy your lovely lady flowers this year. She will love them I am sure.

Here are a few places to get beautiful flowers, so you have enough money left to take her to dinner as well.


FTD (the tulips are a steal at 29.99)

Heck even Martha Stewart herself, has quite a selection for under $50. (a dozen pale pink roses, for 39.99)

If you are a married man, perhaps a "copy", of your brides wedding bouquet, would be the most thoughtful gesture.

-going to watch American Beauty this weekend.

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