Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hop, Skip and a Jump

I was just enjoying Dash turning 4. I was really enjoying him.

He is my snuggle bunny, and can carry a conversation now. Even if the conversation is weird. We can sit and talk. He can express himself now. This is HUGE for me. Dash has had a few issues, he seems to have sensory intergration issues.

However, about 3 months ago we started noticing that he does not "walk" any longer. It started with the occasional hop, or jump. He has entered some sort of energy surge, that I am guessing is common. I was not prepared for it. Dash was my "book worm", the child with the 2 hour long attention span. He no longer sits. If he is reading a book, I will find him sitting on his head, 1 minute later he will be reading and balancing on one leg and one arm, a minute later he is upside down. It has started driving me nuts, because I guess I am the one with sensory issues. He has overloaded my visual circuits.

The other night I said to Dear Husband, "watch us try and walk across the living room". (My living room is small). I told Dash I wanted him to hold my hand and walk 10 steps with me. Do you know the kid couldn't take 2 steps without hopping or kicking or going backwards, or shaking his behind? It was insane to me.

I have been trying to work this out with him. I know how it is to have excess energy physical, emotionally, or mentally. I know energy has leave the body, otherwise it will effect ones chi. So I have been running him, making sure his physical energy is spent. We have been out of doors kicking the soccer ball around, racing, chasing, climbing. I will add here, it is hard to spend it all. We always come in the house with extra.

Soccer and swimming will not start for a few months, does anyone know where I can get a treadmill for a toddler? Maybe a hamster wheel that could be intergrated into the towns power grid. I think he could provide enough energy to run at least my wash machine, dishwasher, and maybe even a lamp.

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