Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Do Not Count Your Chickens ...

Well it seems as if parenting lesson 12,982 has reared its ugly head. Damn. I had went to the community center yesterday and signed up "Dash" for "youth soccer" ages 4-5. I filled out the paperwork, gave my insurance information, wote the check and walked away thrilled with the idea.

I walked in the house, and announced to Dash, that he would be on a soccer team. Complete with other kids, a uniform, and a coach! Dash was thrilled with the idea, he even jumped more and higher than normally. He was so excited he was squealing.

Fast Forward to this morning-------

This morning my phone rang, and it was the community center lady. Dash missed the birthdate by about 5 months. Crap. Dash really needs this, he is 4. He needs some physical confidence building, cooperation, turn taking, oh and running with other crazy cubs. I need him to run, and run and run.

He cannot play until August, damn.

I refuse to disappoint this little guy I refuse. So now I must start another search for another soccer league, or something. Oh and fast.

Damn....note to self

*keep mouth shut until all systems go*

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