Friday, February 17, 2006

Swing Batta Batta Batta.....SA-WING!

Well since soccer was a wash due to Dash's age , looks like the sport de jour is baseball. Which I will not mind one bit. I love baseball, I know baseball, I grew up playing baseball. There are a couple of problems. Dear Husband is not a fan of the sport, too slow moving, he is simply not a fan. The other problem is Dash. There is a lot of down time in "t-ball". Lots of turn taking, and standing in the middle of a field, lots of time to wear your glove on your head. Remember, we are talking about the kid that cannot walk normally across the living room. He either has to jump, or hop, or run, or roll, or fly. I have no idea how he will manage. I was hoping for soccer, for the running folks. I know a lot about baseball, nothing about soccer. The only thing I know about soccer, is that it would kill me. There is a lot of running, and because of that, I thought it would be great for Dash. To run in an open field, with a pack of other 4 year olds, it makes sense. Baseball, and being four makes no sense. I can hear it now.

"Dash, get your hand out of your pants."

"Dash, throw the ball."

"Dash, wait your turn"

I was hoping for soccer folks, I was. I was hoping to say--

"RUN, RUN!!"

So it looks like I am joining the ranks of House of Bou, and become a baseball house for the season.

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