Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Position of the Week #13

Warrior One or Virabhadrasana I

This powerful standing pose develops strength and stamina, warms and invigorates the body, strengthens the leg, spine, and shoulder muscles and nurtures flexibility in the feet, legs, hips, and shoulders.

I led yoga class again last night. It was a brief 45 minute class. One of my fellow classmates is involved in a battle with breast cancer, and I could not focus. She did manage to make it through the 45 minutes of class. I was not sure if I should continue with a full class, but found that I could not. I was distracted. The last 2 classes have been hard for her, as she has been receiving her pathology reports over the last week or so. The news has not been good. However I noted all of us were having a hard time focusing our energies. At meditation time last night, instead of guided meditation or olfactory meditation....I requested that we all just spend 10 minutes of quiet. I think we all spent that time in prayer, or thinking of our friend.

I have been asked to attend a day long "wellness retreat". A day of yoga and meditation, is exactly what I need. So posting will be non-existent or light tomorrow.

This weeks pose Warrior...To my friend who is one.


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