Friday, February 17, 2006

Baby its cold outside.....

It was 75 degrees here yesterday. 75 degrees people. Tonight it is coooold. Brrrrrr. We are supposed to get hit with ice. I can do snow, lived in it for most of my life, but ice. Ice, in a place where people are not used to ice. A nice way to get yourself killed.

I just sent Dear Husband out of doors to cut my daffodils. No sense loosing the dainty things in the ice. They are gorgeous shades of light butter yellow, and sunshine yellow. They are sure to brighten things up in here for the next couple of days.

Weather Channel says.
Precip: 80%
Saturday 18
High Winds
Light Freezing Rain High
Precip: 60%

I have two yoga classes I can attend in the morning, I am hoping the bad weather does not appear until afterward.....otherwise it could be a very long weekend.

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