Thursday, April 28, 2005

Impressionism...and Momism....

I got to speak with Tammi yesterday!!! She was just on the road, going slow, lots of troopers. She was great to talk with. I think with Tammi, what you see is what you get. So she was very much like she is on her blog. She comes off as sharp, no nonsense, maternal, sexy, confident, and a let it rip I am ready kind of person. I hope I gathered my impression correct because I really liked her.

She got an ear load of fuss'in toddlers, and me screaming "no don't push", "stop
that"...and the like. Not exactly a great impression of moi. That's how it goes these days. You hope people can see through your freakish Momisms.

I did feel out of the loop a bit, I do not know the "family" yet, still feeling my way around. When I started this I didn't expect anyone would actually read it or care. I do wish I would have done it during the deployment. I could have used the support, and think you all would have been great.

If you talk to her, tell her to drive slow.


Anonymous said...

Yep - that's our Tammi. *grin*

Tammi said...

I LOVED talking with you - and you're children were a trip! I especially loved it when The Pink Nija let Dash know she's a tough cookie. (I giggled over that for miles!)

Oh, I'll be calling again! I just hope I don't disappoint.