Thursday, April 14, 2005

More toddler blogging......

Dash: "I want juice"

Me: "say please"

Dash: "Please may I have some juice" in a sweet sing song voice and batting his baby boy long lashes.

Me: "Thank you" pouring juice.......

Dash: "Thank you Mrs. Incredible." runs off with his sippy cup.........

Pink Ninja: Runs up grabs sippy cup, runs 25 miles an hour hides and drinks all of its contents.

Dash: Crying and upset that I did not do a better job protecting his juice.
Finds his sister and empty sippy cup. Falls apart and lays on the floor.

Dash: "Mrs. Incredible, she drank it all, it is all gone, check her testicles."

Me: "Girls don't have testicles, and calm down I will get you more juice."

Dash: "They do have testicles."

You know he is right, some women I know do have pretty big testicles.

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vw bug said...

LOL! I had a guy at work say I had big balls for a girl. Want to trade one kid for a while? Just to see what trouble they will get into with someone else?