Monday, April 11, 2005

You know the type....

Here is the thing about "the douchebag" from the last post.

I just forget there are people out there that feel entitled to "be douchebags".

I know it really had nothing to do with "me".

The reason it left me with such a bad "funk".....I AM 34, I honestly thought people almost 40 wouldn't act 14. The fact his behavior was so prepubescent was SHOCKING to me. Really.

I am ok.....Really. I am usually great at asserting myself, and am fierce. However I was so ready to have a great time, and relaxed.........I had my guard down.

I also know this sherbert polo shirt, uniformed "pack o weenies"......"pack o douchebags"....exist. (More on that another time) so I know the type.

I simply forgot these "pack o weenies", get drunk and act like suburban 14 year old Daddy's boys and verbally accost females to prove they have penises.

You wanna know something else?

I am hot for someone almost 40........


vw bug said...

You are only 34? I'm telling you right now it gets better and better! I'm 40 (soon to be 41) and lovin' it. Glad to hear you know how to shake it off and remember what a great person you are!

Anonymous said...


Personally, I find women in the 30-50 range more attractive than 20-somethings.

Something about the confidence that experience brings that's just sexy :-)

Contagion said...

Umm, 34 isn't almost 40. And Harvey's right. I like women not girls.

They tend to be more comfortable in their skin and that is sexy.