Friday, April 22, 2005

Thank You!!

I have to put a thank you post up today...
Tammi, over at Road Warrior Survival/ Tammis World...... so glad you got the job. I am praying all else falls into place. I thank you for all you continue to do, for me....and everyone else. Your maternal instinct is great......and if you take care of yourself like you do everyone that knows will be fine.
To my Blog Grampy Harvey At Bad Example for all of his links over the past couple of weeks, and helping me with my "Female" blogging event. I have noted he does a ton of work with the blog family. Besides all of the tech help he offers, he makes sure to pop in on EVERYONE and make sure they get a supportive nudge almost daily. Besides having his own blog he is guest blogging over at IMAO. I don't know where he is finding the time. I am glad I got such a great Grampy. It is also nice to know I am not the only sicko....
Lastly....Mr. Blackfive... A thank you too , again for the link the other day. It increased my traffic, and it was fun to have so many new readers stop by. I also have enough of an ego that the mention did make me jump up and down a bit. I think I mentioned before that Blackfive was the only way I could sleep some nights while husband was deployed. It made me feel safe someone other than the MSM was watching out for our fighting men and women.

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Tammi said...

Thank YOU for the kind words! Just know I'm enjoying having you around.

Oh, and so you know - I STILL jump up and down when I get a link from B5! :-) That doesn't go away.