Thursday, April 14, 2005

Haircut 100

"Buzz"....or "Dash", he has changed his name. (He turned 3 in January). He and Army Dad watched The Incredibles while I was in Tunica. So now.....
Daddy---Mr. Incredible
Mommy---Mrs. Incredible
Pink---Baby Jack Jack
I know, I know. I also know he won't even acknowledge if we call him his "REAL" name.

Dash, is scared to get his haircut. He is scared of a lot of things...unlike his younger sister who is fearless. This started when a man used an electric razor, without telling him once. So he has been running around looking gorgeous for 3 years. Pretty, fine, white, hair, that was long for "boy hair".

I have taken him to every salon in town, kicking and screaming. I think they have our picture in every salon in town now, with a warning below. I have even paid tremendous amounts of money to have people come to the house to trim it.

I had told my stylist Nula about our problem several times. She said she could do it no problem. However I kept having visions of him screaming and freaking. I broke down and took him to my salon yesterday. I have never taken him to my salon. I thought they might ban me, or worse talk about us for weeks when we left. I bribed him with a "soda". He loves soda....It is a big treat at our house. I bring him in to the shop making that "oh my God face, that be careful he might freak face."

Dash runs right in the shop hugs and KISSES Nula, my stylist, and says "hi I am Dash, so nice to meet you." Mind you he had never met Nula. He kisses her, requests a Sprite, and gets his haircut. So of course I get the "I sure don't know what you were worried about".........speech. I am sure you Moms out there have gotten this before.

I can't help but wonder if his new persona gave him the confidence to brave through this haircut, or if he just changed his mind about it. I guess I will never know.


Anonymous said...

Yup, My boy just turned 4 and he's much the same. But his name is "T. Whit Batman to the Rescue". For a while there over the summer he was Dash, and we still call him that as he likes to run through the house no matter how many times we remind him not to.

When he was learning to walk/run he used to do that cartoonish pre-running pose. You know, with the arms away from the direction he's going and then, zooOOMMMm!

The Mrs. and I used to die laughing when ever we saw him do that. He doesn't do it much anymore. Now he just runs like a muppet on meth.

Haircuts? I got him used to the clippers. Let him hold them, touch them, feel them shake, give him a sucker (it'll get hairy I'll warn ya) and let him sit there while you do his hair.

Contagion said...

My wife takes my youngest to get his hair cut, so I don't know how he reacts... yay!