Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Holiday Inn the deep end

This will be a great post for some of you to read, others just aren't going to get it....Enjoy.

It is hard to find a "family" hotel these days, amidst the express and business hotels. I remember not too many years ago when the Holiday Inn, used to be a great family hotel. You could count on them to have a pool, golf, something for children that have been pent up in a car to do. This was before I had children, so I did not understand the importance of any of this.

We were in desperate need of a hotel, I could not stand another day of telling the children to get out of peoples drawers, showers, plants. I had been on recon for days, in a perpetual game of pick up things and put them where they belong. The children are really great, and they usually leave things alone, but after 7 days of being on display, riding in the truck, not being able to sleep well in strange beds.....We all needed a break.

We found a "Holidome" in Grand Island, Nebraska. I was thrilled. We call husbands Step Dad to let him know we are in town. Step Dad arrives at the hotel and we head down to let the kids hit some balls around. I must add here, both kids are great golfers, both love golf. Buzz Lightyear went through a golf phase at 20-30 months. He slept with clubs, wanted to watch golf on TV all of the time. Anyway...........We get the clubs and balls, and head to the course. Oh let me mention this, the course is situated right by the baby pool. We are all walking and talking, having a great time. Pink Ninja sees we are occupied with conversation, and in her 16 1/2 month old legs kick into gear and she sees the baby pool. We all see her see the pool, and we see her running, and we run, and she slips in between Dear Husband and I...And dives in Ninja style. Clothes on, no fear just dives in. Dear Husband retrieves Pink Ninja quickly. She is fine, but wet. Buzz Lightyear thinks this is all hilarious, discusses with all of us, that "she dives right in, with all of her clothes on", he laughs everytime he says it.

I have waited for the children to show their Dad, just how vigilant one has to be when with them. How quick and energized they are. Something to show him, this is why I look old, and tired.

Dear husband wraps Pink Ninja in a towel and gets her warm, and snuggles her, and kisses her. Explains to her, that we do not just jump in alone. He carries her up to the room and changes her, and hugs her. Combs her fine white wisps of hair. He knows exactly how vigilant one has to be, he is Daddy.

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Tammi said...

Dives right in? Shows no fear? Holy Cow....my heart was in my throat and I already KNEW she was ok!?!?!?

Whew....more reason you need that vacation!