Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Texas Hold em.....

Conversation and thoughts between me and my husband, while at the Holidome in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Me: " We really should take the kids swimming, they deserve it."

D.H.: "You kids want to go swimming?"

Pink & Buzz: running around the room, panting and shrieking in delight.

I unpack the huggies swimpants, and the swimsuits, and we dress the children, they look great. They are excited, and if they had wings they would be flying.

Dear Husband and I proceed to dress.....
this is my first non bikini, my first non maternity swimsuit in 4 years. Yeah thats right, little tiny bikinis, to maternity, to a "mom suit". I spent an entire afternoon before the trip trying on swimsuits. It was one of the longest 1 1/2 hours of my life. A new body to dress. A new function for a swimsuit. I am no longer sitting in a chaise lounge drinking a marguerita and tanning. I need a mom suit. Swimsuits I can chase and bend in. A swimsuit to cover all of the pregnancy induced body changes.

I should add my new dressing theory here, before going any further. I am no longer a size 5 like I was for our entire marriage. I am "curvier now". My new theory is high heels, will make me look taller and thinner, also might as well show curves "on top" it will distract attention anywhere else. I am not sure if it works, but I am willing to try anything, until I can get this little extra off.

Anyway I choose a turquise halter takini, with a skirt on the bottem. It is a great suit, and expensive.....$$ but it looks like I can go play tennis, or go dancing.

So I am putting on this swimsuit in the hotel, and I am upset about the baby weight, and my age, and my husband is noticing my panic.

D.H. "You look great"

Me: "Do I look fat? Is this to low cut?"

D.H. : "You look great, you are beautiful."

Me: standing looking freaked..........

D.H. "baby, you look great, lets go ahead and take the babies swimming." " We are in Grand Island, Nebraska....not St. Tropez."

Me: standing looking freaked..............

D.H. "Babe, there is no one at this hotel."

Me: thinking.........ok ok I can do this, he is right, there is no one here, I am in Nebraska, I am 34 I am a Mom....no one cares....no one will look.

So we head down the stairs to the pool, and guess what....... just guess......

The Hotel is hosting a Texas Hold-em tournament and every man in the tri-county area between the ages of 19-60 begin to parade through the hotel swim area. For the next 2 hours men are parading through and looking to see if there are any hot ladies at the pool, and just their luck, their is a Mom swimming with her babies in her Mom suit.


Tammi said...

I love tankini's. In fact, planning on getting one this year....can't hide the "over 40" thighs anymore. Damn it.

And you know what...I bet you did look great....especially to DH.

I like him. I like him a lot. He get's high points from your BlogMama!!

Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say is... at least you had until age 30 or thereabouts. I was just 21 when darling daughter was born and 24 for young son. Did I mention that dd was just over 9 pounds and ys was just over 10? Now tell me again... what's a bikini??? I forget after all these years. *snork*

Anonymous said...

Tammi, your over-40 thighs are fine :-P

Teresa - you ain't exactly hard on the eyes, either.

AW - girls SHOULD look soft & cuddly, mom-suit or no :-)

Katy said...

I hate that our bodies change so much. My husband says I look grea, but it is hard for ME to deal with. I am fixing to go buy my first suit since the three kids were born...Your post will echo in my head as I shop. LOL