Monday, April 04, 2005


I am back at home. Vacation? What Vacation? Having 2 toddlers sheds an entirely different light on this, I love the toddlers they just have soooo much energy. Poor Mommy is simply worn out from the 18 months alone. We unpacked and packed at least 8 times in 10 days. Exhausting. You also start to wonder what you have left behind. You feel like a terrible guest because it is hard to help with meals, etc. You are just trying to keep "Buzz Lightyear", and "Pink Ninja" out of Grandmas pills, Grandpa Terrys cat food, Grandpa Ara's stairwell (which by the way "Pink Ninja fell down"), out of the Holiday Inn pool ("Pink Ninja dove in baby pool with clothes on"). I got a little cranky by day 5. Poor Dear Husband, didn't deserve cranky wife.

Dear Husband had a great time seeing his family. They were all so thrilled, relieved and happy to see him. If you could have seen his Grandmas and Aunt Sharons hugs, they would have made you cry. Closed eye hugs, thanking God hugs. Those kind of hugs should be private. Dear Husband got to see most of his family.

We did manage to go to the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha. We were blessed with 70 degree weather. It is really a great zoo. We also managed to get to Cabela's in Kansas City on the way home, stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of nights.

There is a lot to tell, and will be posting like mad.

I will be going to Tunica this coming weekend with girlfriends...For a spa and gambling weekend. Dear Husband is a Saint, and knows I need a vacation.....A real one this time.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back ok, and looking forward to those stories.

Love that hug description, too :-)

Katy said...

Glad you are back and Jack Army says Dr. Phil's mustache might tickle when he is smooching you rear!!!LOL

Tammi said...

I'm so glad to see you back. Missed ya!!

And am THRILLED to hear about your upcoming weekend. Well, thrilled and jealous as hell! ;-) Enjoy sweetie. You deserve it.

Just hurry back and give us more of these great posts!