Friday, April 22, 2005

Reality Check

This is my husbands last 3 days off before it is back to the "real world". He was on his leave, and then he took "Paternity leave" from his full time position. We have been having such a great time as a family. We have been taking turns sleeping in, going to the park, having coffee on the patio in the morning, smooching. Monday it will end. Damn.

I know it had to end sooner or later, but it really seems like he has been home for 2 weeks. Really, it has gone by that fast. Yesterday, we went to the zoo, and had a picnic, and took our time. Last night we put Pink and Dash in the stroller, and went for a walk. It has been so nice. The little things.....Like waking up and seeing his face, and feeling his weight next to me, not worrying about his safety every single minute of the day.

Some of the guys did not have the luxury of any leave, some had family emergencies, some have been to work for weeks. Some guys had such a hard time being "at home", they went back to work early. Coming home is not always good or easy, like you want it to be.

I do not want Monday to come. I wanna sit here and watch movies until 1am, and make out on the couch. I want to wear my robe until 10am. I want to watch Dear husband butter toast for Dash and Pink. We are having such a good time.......Just five more minutes.

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Caltechgirl said...


I know what you mean. Even though he was never overseas, when my DH was still in the army, he was at Ft. Hood and I was in Chapel Hill, so whenever he could get leave long enough to come home, it was like a vacation even though we were just at home together, and when he left it was really difficult to get back into the groove.