Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I give it 0 stars

The Great Wolf Lodge......

is located in Kansas City, right next door to the Cabela's. For those of you who don't know Cabela's is an outdoorsmen's shopping Mecca. They specialize primarily fishing and hunting supplies, but have branched out into rustic housewares and the like.

Upon planning our family trip back to Nebraska my husband insists that a stop at Cabela's is imperative to his happiness as a sportsman. It seems like a small request, so I agree to an overnight stay.

The Great Wolf Lodge, is right next next door to Cabela's. It prides itself on being a family friendly Hotel and Water park. We stop on the way to Nebraska, which is during "spring break". We pull up to the hotel at 8pm and find the most inexpensive room available is $279.00, checkout is 11am. No military discounts given over the "spring break". We both agreed that $279, was too much for 15 hours at this hotel. We will find a Hampton Inn and stay there for the night, and try this hotel after "spring break".

On the return from Nebraska, we decide to stop at The Great Wolf Lodge and Water Park Hotel again. They have family jacquizzi suites for $219 a night. We have been on a dead run for the last 8 days and decide we deserve to treat ourselves, the kids also deserve some good clean waterpark fun.

The Hotel has everything located inside, which is a plus. Arcade, in room videogames, fireplaces in rooms, waterpark, movies, room service, a day spa. You can even drink beers and margueritas at the waterpark. This hotel is a great idea. While all of the Dads are over at Cabela's spending half of their paychecks on fly fishing and hunting gear, the Moms are half sloshed at the waterpark, planning a day at the spa.

This great idea of a hotel....Is simply that, a great idea. The service was terrible....I mean terrible. The waitress looked like she was a meth head on a seven day binge. I am not sure how they managed to screw up every food order we placed, but they did. We also had the jacquizzi suite, below a "kids camp" room. Which is just poor planning. 11pm rolls around and it sounds like the ceiling is going to cave in from kids jumping off of bunk beds. I did call the front desk 2 times, to no avail. The Mom from upstairs called me at 12:30, claiming she was the front desk, and told me they were all in bed.....what a nut.

My advice to those traveling through the Midwest...Skip the "Great Wolf Lodge".

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TNT said...

Hmmm, maybe its a local thing. We have a Great Wolf lodge in the Wisconsin Dells and everyone raves about it!