Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ouch Grouch

Well today is Tuesday. Dear Husband had his first day back at the office yesterday. I guess it was ok. You know guys, shhhh....They don't really go into detail like a female would. It was "ok". That is about all I got after his 18 month absence....."Ok"....Weird.

It was "our" first day alone in a while. Oh My God....I have no idea how I did this alone for 18 months, really. I really have no idea. I did have the added bonus of having no baby gate keeping them out of Kitchen. (Dear Husband had tripped over it Saturday night, and Sunday night. Sunday night after he fell, he kicked it.........So long baby gate.) It is a difficult gate to replace. It has to fit in a 6 foot entryway. So I spent half of the day policing "Pink Ninja" who by the way lived up to her name. Every time I went to the restroom, or made a bed, I could hear her moving dining room chairs so she could use them as ladders. She got into the pantry She was wild. The floor in the kitchen is that "hard" tile......I swear she is going to crack her skull open or worse knock her teeth out. (Then I will NEVER get my teeth fixed) She makes me nervous. You can sit her in time out, put her in baby jail (play pen...I don't have an actual jail.) She just doesn't give up, strong willed little girl. Be right back...I just had to confiscate my truck keys from her, she had my alarm going off.

I got back on my fitness wagon last night. I used to go to Pilates and Yoga 3 nights a week, until I was about 7 months pregnant and Dear Husband had to leave. Then I just didn't have the time, couldn't find a reliable sitter....Etc. My fitness just didn't feel important. So last night I had Pilates at 6pm-7pm. Yoga from 7pm-8pm. In my usual fashion I wouldn't want anyone thinking I was a pussy, so I kept up with the class. Now folks if you do the math on this.....I hadn't been to class for about 20 months..... Ask me how I got out of bed this am? Ask me how I am holding my arms to type. Fuck I hurt. I am going to have to live on Motrin today. I am in pain.

On a good note. I have taken the jump to give my number to my Blog Momma Tammi From what I read she loves the phone, and since she is going to be on the road I thought she may be able to use it. I cannot wait to talk to her, to hear her, and to meet my new friend. I have been waiting to meet her for a long time. I can't wait.

By the way...I have no clue what I managed to do to my blog, my links were not working, so I tried to fix it, which has really fucked things up. I have no idea how to fix what I have broken.....I know I know...it is easy. When I have 2 hours to sit and read directions...hahahahahaha I will. Until then the blog is broke.....


The Bobo Knitter said...

Ooh! you need some of my stash of 800 mil. ibuprofen!

Anonymous said...

The almost 3 yr old monster living with us is running around today yelling he has to get a tatoo since we had our visit back home and his step sister has one.

vw bug said...

oh man I feel for you. My 2 year old can make it over our 4 1/2 foot fence and the 1 year old is already half way up. The house? I don't even want to think about how I have to keep on top of them. I feel for you big time!

Bou said...

I took your first paragraph FOR YOU as a way of reconnecting. I hope my post did not convey it is wrong to be interested.

I know a lot of women though, whose husbands were NOT gone for 18 months, who are actually hurt when they don't get a response from their husbands when they come home.

Again... that's not you. You're not wounded by it, just making a statement.

Many times my girlfriends though will carry on about how their husbands don't tell them anything. I just sit there quietly thinking, "I'm cool with that..." :)