Monday, November 02, 2009

This is for the dogs...

This is the second morning I am up before 6am.

Why? Barking.

I have a wide awake puppy @ my feet, that gets his rush from playing in the morning...

DH woke took him out to do his business, brought him in, put him in his kennel.

DH went into the bathroom and whammo bark city.

I of course got up.

The problem?

I think the puppy wakes and wants to play.


Because for the last 2 mornings this has repeated. The puppy wants to run, chew and cavort.

I am not happy....

I just wanted my other hour of sleep.

just an hour.

I am starting to dig sleep since I had none for years. It is documented partially on the blog.....

I only get 5-7 hours a night. Let me sleep.

DH got the stinkeye from me this morning after he got out of the shower and was headed out to church.

(This is part of the reason I was not thrilled with the idea) I want to sleep.

A well rested Mom is underrated. Mothers who have went through VAST amounts of sleep deprivation will agree.

That is my thing right now.

The children will sleep, I want my sleep.

I also MUST get up in the morning to deal with the barking or certainly the kids will awaken, unless I want 2 GRUMPY children by 3pm (which is already She is done by 1pm. When I pick her up, she is more alley cat than loverly sweet girl. I do not need the I wanna play barking to cause the children to rise at 5:40am....

No. Sleeping children are better behaved, than tired counter parts.

A conundrum to be sure...and I am letting DH fix this.

This is not going to work.


Sarah said...

My dog must be super lazy compared to yours, because when Charlie would bark in his crate even as a new pup, he wanted a bathroom break...and then he would fall right back to sleep. That often made me even more mad, as I had gotten up and now it was light out and I couldn't fall back asleep. Sigh.

Good luck, as I keep saying.

ptg said...

Name the mutt Daylight Savings Time and you'll get used to it ruining your sleep.

jck said...

One suggestion is to be sure you don't let him go to sleep early... While it is nice to have the quiet, you pay in the morning!

Gunscribe said...

I have started writing again and plan on addressing this one farther along with some other things about Lincoln that have been disturbing from afar.

Lemon Stand said...

We have four cats and when my mother went into the hospital for a long time we took her dog in.

I truly wish I had good advice to give but by the time my mother got out of the hospital, our cats were picketing every day with "Puppy Go Home" signs.

I promise that if I find any way to make lemonade out of that particular lemon, I'll let you know.

Sarah said...

Also, I would suggest NOT playing with the pup in the morning, no matter how much he barks. Because playing with him will teach him that wake up --> bark --> play is the morning routine. Don't reinforce anything you don't want to continue for the rest of his life!

Princess Cat said...

I whole heartedly agree with Sarah ... do NOT give in. You must be more stubborn than the dog, even if it means the dog sleeps in the garage so you can't hear him. The suggestion of making him tired right before you go to bed works in this house.

airforcewife said...

Ike is a lazy dog. We never had the play issue with him.

I did find that when he wanted to be active and I wanted to sleep, that if I let him in my room he would shut up and leave me alone to get some sleep.

And I absolutely feel you on the sleep thing. It's precious.

Rachelle Jones said...

yea.I agree, however dog barking means EVERYONE awake in the house. 2 children awake @ 5:45, not good. So I gave in and played with him, it was a double edged sword. I think DH is going to start taking him running, or for longer walks in the morning...It is really imperative. Dick wakes early so hopefully, they can make this work.

This is a high energy breed, and he will need to be exercised!!

He was sleepy last week, however I think he must be coming into his own now. He cannot go out into the yard to run @ this x, because he can fit through the fence, however if he keeps growing @ this rate, that should no longer be a problem in the next month or two

Dick took him to the dog park tonight and let him run wild with the other dogs, he loved it, and ran his ass off. He also got to socialize with other dogs and get sniffed. I think this should be a good solution for a while...

Lemon Stand said...

You know, this just reminded me of what my mother in law used to do when my husband was a kid.

She'd take a book. Put the dog on a really long lead rope. Walk out into the center of the park and let the dog run in circles around her while she read... standing in the middle of the field and turning as the dog ran in circles. (Course, she had to teach the dog to run in circles but she said it was her time away from the kids. :o)