Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gorgeous OUT...

Tree is up, fluffed, lit, and decorated.

My hair has been colored, I hope well enough to cover the gray.

Lights outside are up as well.

I need my advent wreath, and candles.

I have been indoors, and it is gorgeous out. The plan was to finish cleaning up the Christmas mess, and bake.

So much for planning, it is gorgeous out.

The Collective have been wanting holes poked in lids all morning. PN has the seasons last grasshopper. A sad lad, is missing an antennae and a wing. SR has a worm. They are currently digging in dirt looking for more.

I am going to head out and finish up fall clean up. The rose bush up front needs to be removed.

There are butterfly bushes that need trimmed as well as about 2,000 sq feet of flower beds that need cleaning.

Wash machine, dryer, and dishwasher all running. I need extensions cords that are not bright orange for the front. I might convince DH to head out...oh and lightbulbs, we need light bulbs...


Sarah said...

Watch DH-speak, "lightbulbs" might mean pet ferret.

Guard Wife said...

Love the new look!!! :)

I second Sarah. Look out for ferrets and sister wives. ;)