Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before I go to the much deserved bubble bath...

thought I would drop in.

The week is WILD, long days, long nights.

Work is soooo busy, the day is over before I know it. Poof.

PN helped me make the cookies, they turned out yummy.

SR missed the first word EVER on a spelling test, and absolutely fell apart today. Poor kid. When I picked him up, his head was down, and he was tearful. I stopped and talked to the teacher as she directed traffic...

The entire time we spoke, SR kept crying and saying "I am going to go home and lock myself in a box for an hour."

(The entire time he is saying this, I am thinking, holy crap, the teacher is going to think we punish him by putting him in a box)

I am not sure where he or why he was saying this. The teacher said the afternoon was very overwhelming for him....

He managed to collect himself on the drive home.

A perfectionist, inside and out...this is not a trait from DH and I, we also do not pressure him in academics. The kid just took it upon himself to memorize the entire periodic table in like 1 month. Alone, no help. He just was interested. We did not quiz him, or make flashcards. He even made a song out of the elements. He continues to study them, and is VERY interested. We have to google his questions to us, we are clueless.

Heck I should show him my blog, and all of the spelling errors. Heck maybe he can edit the blog...

Our first rule is RESPECT others and yourself. RESPECT.

Heck no where in our top 50 list of things we want them to do is PERFECT GRADES. He has never been in trouble for grades. NEVER. Probably because he always gets 100% on things. He has been in trouble for acting on impulse, and not RESPECTING people.

Maybe I can get him a book about mellowing out?

OK off to my bath, I forgot I have to make more cookies for Sunday!! I also have 2 20 something turkeys thawing out....

Tis going to be a busy week.

DH informed me the basement needs to be CLEANED up, the kids have a mess going on down there...

he said I would be mad if I saw it in its current state.

I am going to make the kids straighten it up before I enter...

Puppy is getting HUGE. LONG LEGS


kd said...

I was the exact same as SR growing up. My parents had no idea why I was so hard on myself about grades. They encouraged lots of play and a no-studying/homework time. As in, I had to stop studying at a certain time each not and if I was caught (reading a calculus book "for fun"), I would be punished.

I don't know if those techniques made much difference--thankfully they began to encourage my extracurricular studies and I leveled out eventually.

loqi said...

I was also a "spontaneous" perfectionist -- I would make up extra rules for my homework assignments to make them harder, do extra, etc. I always felt pressure to do perfect to make my parents happy, though they never once equated their love for me with a perfect score. It's just an in-born drive that some of us have. We know we're capable of it, and so we push ourselves.

Like kd I think my extracurricular activities helped -- I played sports and did lots of activities at church. Getting outside of school where everything is scored and into activities where you just do things for fun is a great way to help a perfectionist kid mellow out.

AC said...

You could turn his spelling abilities into a connsulting job. Yes I know spellcheck should make something like that obsolete, but sometimes I can't get my spelling close enough.
I'm the opposite of SR, some things I'm just not good at and I'm not gonna let them bother me too much.

Jolene said...

I just read your response at SpouseBuzz and I had to laugh!


Your comment, "If it were easy everyone would do it!" was the best thing I've heard in a long time :)

Were you in the University of Wisconsin Marching Band? If not, you would have fit in. It was a common phrase our director used and one of a handful of his wise sayings that helped you get through painful practices.

I really appreciate your honesty! You're right, if military life were easy, everyone would do it! Although it's difficult, we also reap great rewards, like building wonderful friendships and proving to ourselves that as military wives, we are tough! Keep up the great work :)

Have a great day!

(If you aren't familiar with the UW Marching Band: )

Gretchen said...

My oldest was trying to explain why she missed three words on the pre-test. Seriously.

She did not get that from me. I guarantee it.

Rachelle Jones said...

SR did not get his brains, or pefectionism from me. I do not have a competitive spirit, I am in it for fun. Seriously. I will admit, it is nice to have a natural talent for certain things.

I am hoping his activities in Scouts, and Swim, help him find his groove. I am currently thinking he is bored, and am hoping we can remedy it soon. i am meeting with the school psychologist who facilitated his IQ testing, and the VP this coming week. There has to be something we can do.
Achievement to him = happiness, learning = happiness..

Unknown said...
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