Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Impersonating a tooth fairy, and dog owner...

My son lost his third tooth tonight. He actually did not loose it, I helped extract it, with my fingers and a paper towel. He immediately went to the bathroom to see if he could shoot water out of the space. (Thanks Gramma)

I just remembered to put four quarter under his pillow, while in there I read a note that said, tooth fairy, do not take tooth.

Earlier tonight SR asked me if it was me "who impersonated the legend of the tooth fairy. I did not answer....

Also note to apply WD 40 the childrens door hinges soon, they squeak when you open the door trying to be sneaky. I never noticed this with putting laundry away, but did notice this evening...

PN doing well. Excited to have a puppy to rule about and boss, although it is much harder than she thought.

Poncho AKA bleach, is doing well, I think he doubled in size. He needs 2 long walks a day and DH has been taking him to the dog park in town. He is flying like the wind, and racing other dogs. His paws are huge, he looks like a clydesdale horse.

IF it was 60 degrees at night, I would not mind taking the dog out, I know i could use a long and brisk walk, but darn it is cool. I must find a balaclava for myself. Because the cold hits my ears, and then i feel like I have an earache for the rest of the day. I also think it is imperative that I do not volunteer to do much with the pup for about 40 days. That means everyoe here will have a routine, I am not sole part of.

Pooped, headed to bed..it is only Tuesday

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