Monday, November 09, 2009

PROOF. How much more is needed?

I pray to God, my children do not have to suffer at the ramifications of our silence as a generation of appeasers.

I do not care what religion you practice. If you do not practice it in a civil manner. If you shoot at unarmed people, if you shoot women in the back, if you use your children as a shield...

More horrific findings.


XtnYoda said...

If you haven't seen the youtube "Warrior's Song" it is a must see!!!

Mr. D will love it... as well as all your military friends!!!

I'll be in prayer for the Muslim girl you mentioned... don't know any pastors up there, but I'll check!

God Bless,


Sara said...

These findings just keep getting worse. But does it surprise anyone that the more we read the more we see he was a terrorist? It sounds like his co workers were too worried to sound like bigots to raise a red flag.

Guard Wife said...

The knee jerk reactions to call people bigots and prejudiced are astounding especially given that there seems less than zero chance that this guy is a terrorist.

Tell me, wasn't there a young kid in the military at Ft. Lewis in WA State who contacted or attempted to e-mail a radical website & they locked it down IMMEDIATELY? Wasn't he handing over info or something? At any rate, I don't think those who reported him had reason to fear reprisal as he was a Caucasian, native born American citizen without a religious affiliation to speak of...thought of him today & wondered how long any of us would get away with sending fanmail to a radical imam in Yemen before someone would arrest us?

I guess the pregnant woman this animal killed wasn't far enough along (6 wks. in) in her pregnancy to count her unborn baby as a 14th victim. Just another unfortunate soul who was at the wrong place, at the wrong time with someone who should not been walking around freely.