Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Laundry list

some big some little. I am putting it here, so i am accountable.

This week, take library books back AGAIN tomorrow.
Buy Aunt Renae her official gift from the kiddos...Warmest, softest jammies i can find in town.
Buy teachers Yankee Candles while coupon is still 2 for 1! Otherwise you will feel bad.
Buy PN a tote for her ART Tomorrow, otherwise I will go crazy from looking at it.

Got through bills.

Sounds like an expensive week... much for hitting it hard. DH worked late so I had to come home and take the dog for his crap and stroll...cut into my time to get crap done. I had to drive across town and book the gymanstics place for the Collective's birthday bash (they would not do it over the phone... Now to find everyone's address etc...

I have been out of normal commission for like 2 days because my red tent decided to pitch itself to close to the other red tent this month...I felt horrid. Pain sucks, and sucks the life out of you.

The week of dicombobulation continues.


Sara said...

haha! Yeah it does sound expensive. I'd probably be putting it off too.

Guard Wife said...

At least the library books should be free. They should pay YOU for saving them!

I need to start thinking about teacher gifts too.

And regular gifts.

And care packages.

And bills.
Eegads! Don't get me started!

Leslie said...

i just found your blog through google about removing poop from the carpet (you posted it back in 2005)... you saved my carpets and my daughter! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!