Friday, November 20, 2009

Another rough day @ school for SR

Yesterday was yet another rough day for SR.

Once again I knew it when I picked him up. Head was down, etc.

First problem is boredom.

I got in touch with the school psychologist, the one who facilitated his IQ testing, she had a very good hold of things, as far as SR was concerned last year.

Hopefully we can get this sorted out. In good news his teacher is WONDERFUL, and on top of things, and doing what she can. The problem is, he is mainstreamed into his 2nd grade, and for now really that is the only alternative. His emotions have not caught up with his intellect, when this does happen maybe we will move him.

Right now the school system is doing what they can. He is the only student in the school system that has 2 mentors. Mentors are expensive and I do appreciate the assistance. We just need to find a science specialty, instead of the Spanish. He told me last night he LOVES his math. Spanish ok. Last year his 2nd mentor worked off of several things, she changed it up often. This year his math mentor, is challenging him in math, and he is 1/2 finished with the 4th grade book. As bad as he is wants to move forward I know he needs the fundamentals.

I am relieved his teacher is so understanding.

Say a prayer, we could use it.

Last night I was sooo exhausted from the day that I was wiped, and had dreams of dog doctors


Lemon Stand said...

You know, he sounds amazingly like my youngest daughter. I think maybe it's time to get her tested. Lots of prayers and good thoughts heading your way.

Anonymous said...

Second grade is a bit early for math talent to show. A flair for science is more fun, frankly. You're doing great. The kid is a joy to read about.

vw bug said...

Wow. I am having problems with mine... but it is attitude... went from a's and b's to c's and d's... just because. I am ready to go insane. I hope you get good mentors and definitely science. Much more fun.