Saturday, November 21, 2009

COOKING, and FAMILY is good medicine.

The week was icky, and not much I can do about it now, I can just "be" right?

However, the week was so icky my eye started twitching Tuesday or Wednesday, and would not quit. When I addressed clients, the twitching would go WILD. It was weird. The last time I had that much twitching, my Mom was sick.

@ years ago, I would have been in a tree over this. I would have been on a branch and some dear friends, would have gotten phone calls and talked me off of my branch, you know who you are, and I owe you bunches. Because talking me out of my trees is silly.

My children are my Achilles heel if you will.

However cooking 2 huge meals, has cured me of my freak out, I am only on the trunk hanging on for dear life, and am too busy to start climbing branches and meowing about.

For the last 3 days I have cooked, and baked, and cooked.

tonight it was sweet roll dough, I kneaded and kneaded and smelled yeasty dough. I made a huge nutritious relish tray, cheese tray, tortilla roll ups, hot wings, bbq wings. I made cranberry relish last night for tomorrow. The treats for the Christmas Program, are made and attractively wrapped.

This week was not just stressful, because of SR. It is the holidays, there are programs, and obligations. Ours no different from other homes. WE are 3 days behind on our New Testament reading.

I will be honest with you I have never been one to read the Bible daily, but I am finding it sooo interesting, and learning new things all of the time. It has brought me peace, and I especially liked the night SR could not sleep, and he read an entire assignment, without trouble.

OK off folks...I am off to finish watching the Huskers play, finish watching this dough rise, so I can punch it down, and roll it out and make cinnamon rolls for my family in the morning....

I am lucky, and I know it, and this is a small bump. I need to smile, and treat others with care, and KNOW how could they know what my child needs, they are not his Mother...


Guard Wife said...

I'm glad the cooking was therapeutic.

You know you can always have me on speed dial when you start itching to climb trees. If nothing else, I'll at least ask you to have the courtesy to wait on me so I can hold your hand and we can jump together. ;)

As for SR, that child grew beneath your heart & you have wonderful instincts where he is concerned. Don't doubt them. Strangers casting stones are not to be trusted. :)

jck said...

Cooking and gardening always have that same effect on me. I think they require attention, so we let the other part of our brains work on issues and worries. For me, the result is often perspective, and perhaps the ability to cut myself some slack.
Hope the rolls were yummy!

Sara said...

I hope your week is better this go round. And you sound like you handle things with patience and grace even if you don't feel that way. Cooking is a wonderful relaxer. Enjoy