Monday, November 16, 2009

Other than fresh bread, gingerbread is one of the best smells ever...

It is late. 10:00pm too late to be making 49 or so gingerbread boys and girls. However it is Monday.

Mondays. I am not sure if anyone likes Mondays. If you do, good for you. Our Mondays have been doused by activity. So there is no time really spent thinking how horrid it is, it is a day spent getting ready for the next hour. Our Mondays make the rest of the week look like a breeze.

I have friends who have this schedule EVERYDAY. Bless you, I have no idea how you do it.

I am not complaining, so much as I cannot believe the speed of the day. Seriously.

I will be glad to see Tuesday arrive!

Things here are ok. SR seems to be walking straight, PN is fine she is learning to read. This is exciting.

The birthday party is booked at the gymnastics place, for December, this could be bad, as some folks might be headed out of town. We do have 8 guests RSVP at this time. They were ok having a combined party! This will make things so much easier. SR wants a carrot cake, PN wants some Littlest Pet Shop Cake she saw at the grocery store...Those weird little bratz looking animals with big eyes. I do not understand the attraction. I am thankful she did not pick bratz.

I am hosting our Families Thanksgiving this weekend, and attached to that, will be a small celebration of PN's birthday with family. We also have the Children's Christmas church program. (All on Sunday) I would love to tell you I am going all out, and setting a beautiful table etc. However I am doing darn chinet this year...I really do not want to stand doing dishes all day. I am sure there will be plenty of dishes to do. I am pretty sure this will rate as tacky with many of my readers, but I think my meal will make up for it.

Wednesday night while the kids are at CREW, DH and I are going to get the holiday shopping done. I did manage to find turkey for 40 cents a pound, lovely hens around 20 pounds each. I am cooking both, so my guests can enjoy leftovers! I told them to bring tupperware!

Nothing unusual on the menu, all my favorites, and it is my favorite meal to prepare.

Check in later...

Need to take some photos of the darn dog, and the kids. SR and PN are getting TALL! I adore them.


Piper Paradise said...

I read you constantly but hardly ever take the time to comment (I am lazy - SORRY!!). I enjoy reading you and your little tidbits about this and that. If you'd like to post recipes, that's always fun. We are enjoying your chocolate crinkly cookies this weekend :-)

Guard Wife said...

It sounds like you have everything well in hand. Wish I felt like I did, but I have a feeling I won't be lucky enough to have that sense of accomplishment for at least another six or seven months. Sigh.

Rachelle Jones said...

GW, feel like I am drowning, especially with the holidays coming...I am trying to keep things as simple as I can....

But even keeping things simple seems to be taking a lot of effort.

Stacy said...

Paper plates is a must at my house. It drives my mother absolutely crazy, but it's my house and MY rules an paper plates it is. I never use my real plates.