Saturday, June 24, 2006

The arrival of "The Red Tent"

DH, spent the morning, making the collective breakfast, dressing them, playing with them, and then readying them for departure...

all while I was sleeping.

So in the dark and peace of our quiet bedroom, he tiptoed in the bedroom to announce he was taking Pink Ninja and Dash for the day, as well as my truwk.

"sleep, rest, get some rest, feel better...."

So I slept for another 45 minutes. Awaking at 9:11 give or take a few seconds, in the darkness of our bedroom. Feeling the coolness of the sheets, and duvet on my skin.

I plodded into my kitchen to help myslef to coffee, already made by Dear Husband.

Quiet, nothing but the sound of the air conditioner fan circulating cool air, the dishwasher running, the hummm of the dryer, and the spinning of the wash machine, oh and the broken clickety clack of my typing.

It is quiet. And in order for me to enjoy the quiet, there are a few things I must do, to enjoy the gift of this "red tent".

There are things that need to be shhhh'd.

For example the kitchen floor, that is "screaming" it is in need of a good mopping, the television that keeps "whispering" it needs a good dusting. There is some laundry that is "mumbling" it is in need of a good wash.

Talking laundry, and a talking floor? Just when I thought it was quiet around here.

**Thank You DH, I owe you cave man time**

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Anonymous said...

Your DH is definitely a keeper. :)