Friday, September 30, 2005

Great Day with a teary ending......

The day here was a gorgeous one, I felt refreshed and renewed. I am happy I got a taste of fall. The toddlers and I went to the park, we had a lovely time, no one got into trouble. We had a picnic snack of juice and bananas, a 2 mile walk.

I got home to make my moms delicious oatmeal raisin cookies and I could not locate my Moms recipe. I am sick about it. My Mom didn't have much to leave her daughters , and her recipes are of great importance to me. I just saw the darn thing the other day, even showed it to Dear Husband. I was going to bake her cookies today. Hoping my house would smell like my Mom's house for a second. I was hoping I could sit and take a bite of a warm cookie, and hear her telling my Dad to get his "damn hands out of the cookies, you will have them all eaten before anyone else can get them."..........I will use a different recipe tonight, but I am not going to be happy about it. I am going to keep looking for it. Sigh*

I found a is sold out. I want a dress for a woman, I do not want a bridesmaid dress or a prom dress or a Mother of the bride dress....I want a lovely cocktail dress that is pretty and can be worn with my pearls......I do not want to look like a 35 year old trying to dress like a 20 year old. I want to look like a lady. I have to call Spiegel and find out who manufactured this dress.

I got an e-mail from Bou today, I dropped some tampons off over at her virtual Fiona last night because of this post.....Only to find out today that Fionna is passing away from from some horrible female tragedy. It hurt my heart to hear of her boys in tears....I will take flowers and brownies tonight.

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