Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Allergies, Yo-Lattes, and Weird Dreams......

The mystery of the "Clumsy Me" has been solved. My head is full of mucus. My head feels full, and an awful sense of vertigo. Allergies, have hit early, and yes I was in denial. It has been dry as a bone around here, and it would seem to me everything is dead or dying, so there should be nothing to be allergic to. Jokes on me. I can medicate myself for the next 2-3 months. Which I loathe.

I did manage to make it to "Yo-lattes" class last evening. I could not go last week due to sprained ankle. So I went. I will add this, I do not like the blended yoga and pilates class. I am a yoga purist. I do not like to see it mixed with other practices. The breathing is different, the mindset is different. I go because it is 5 minutes away from the house, and this bod needs something. I like the pilates too, I just think they should be kept separate. I keep waiting for "my core", to look like it did prior to Pink and Dash......

Finally, for the last two weeks the night has riddled me with the strangest dreams.

1) Dear Husband and David Lee Roth at a "hospital mall", talking about starting a band and going on the road.

2) Pulpy post apocalyptic dreams, where we are survivalists living in the woods somewhere.

3) Last night I went to the Grammy awards with Christina Aguillara, Somehow Harvey was there, and we got in a ketchup and mustard fight at a pre-Grammy dinner.

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