Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The ALWAYS Late Movie reviewer

For the past few nights, I have been hitting the hay early. Treating myself to movies I am 1-6 years late watching. Last night I viewed Spanglish. It was sooo worth watching, I will leave the quotes and leave the decision to watch it up to you.

"Lately, dear, your low self-esteem is just good common sense"

"This is the job, these are the decisions... When to push them, when to back them... Worrying about your children is sanity and being that sane can drive you nuts."

"If you don't stop talking I'm going to set my hair on fire and start punching myself in the face."

----and lastly, this line......

"They should name a gender after you. Just looking at you doesn't do it. Staring is the only way that makes any sense. And trying not to blink, so you don't miss anything. And all of that, and you're you."

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