Saturday, September 10, 2005

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out....

Another story of humiliation from Casa De Dust........

Dear Husband and I have a good friend that has been on "hurricane duty" for the last week or so, we invite him over to watch Nebraska kick Wake Forests ass, dinner, and drinks.

Dash goes to bed at his usual time.

Pink Ninja fascinated with her new skill of peeing on the potty, doesn't want clothes on, because she might have to pee NOW!!

So I let her run bare butt, against my better judgment.

I am in the Master Bedroom, finding her pajamas when I hear Dear Husband screaming


I walk into the living room and find Pink Ninja sobbing, Dear Husband horrified, Company stunned, and 2 big turds on the carpet.

Just when you think you are "the cool people" to hang out with......

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Anonymous said...

Now thats funny.