Monday, September 12, 2005

Auction UP!!

Suzanne, is one of those ladies I have met through the blogosphere. She is a Romance writer, which is a genre I have never read. I am a reader of her blog, she is a daughter of a Veteran, a Mom, and her husband was a Navy man.

When hurricane Katrina struck, Suzanne, really wanted to DO something to benifit our Military men and women. So she graciously put together an auction on e-bay. Several of her friends are also writers, and they have donated signed copies of their books for auction. Suzanne Brockman, a New York Times best-seller, offerred one of her books as well. All proceeds are going to Soldiers Angels. I think Suzanne did a great job on this, so go over and do some Christmas shopping for your girlfriend that needs a little romance PLEASE!!! Proceeds are for our guys an gals!!!!

UPDATE: Already over $300.00 in bidding, WAY TO GO!!!

Update: Sept 12 9:00pm.....Over 600.00 in bidding for SOLDIERS ANGELS...YEEE HAW!!!

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