Saturday, September 03, 2005

If Momma Ain't Happy

-------nobody is happy.


I stopped in here and read this.

Air Force Family, gave the right kind of advice.

When your husband is deployed, and YOU are IT. Well, you better take care of yourself, because if you go down, there will be no one but Jesus to pick you up. I promise. So wives, do yourselves a favor and try and make things simple.

1) Give the babies a bath every other night, unless of course they are filthy.

2) Clean as you go.

3) Enlist the help of your children, they like to be helpful. I let the children help wash mirrors, and tv, and doors. I spray a little vinegar on the surface and have them wipe. They will be proud, especially if you praise them for their efforts.

4) It is ok to use paper plates and order in every once in a while.

5) Call your long distance company, and see what sort of inclusive long distance plans they have. We have SBC, and I pay one low price for ALL of my long distance. Have a friend you can squawk to, someone you can cry to. Someone that you can trust.

6) A hot bath or shower at bedtime is your friend. Do it when the kids are in bed, so you are not interupted, and have no audience.

7) Take a break from the news, girls I don't know what it is, but we are worriers, and want to fix everything. Women will stay up all night trying to solve the Worlds problems. Guess what you cannot, try NOT to watch the news at night.

8) The hardest thing-----ACCEPT HELP!!! I know, I sucks to need help, but go ahead and accept it. People love to feel like they have helped, and you deserve it.

9) Make a point to GO TO BED. I know you have stuff to do, and there is no time to do it when the kids are running amuck, but guess what those kids want you there in the morning with a smile on your face. Let tham know Momma is HAPPY.

Come on folks, I know you have great ways to keep HAPPY let us hear them....

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